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    Do you know were to vote?

    or what would be in the ballot?


    Voter Info may help!. It leverages info from Google and the Pew Charitable Trusts to deliver easy and fast access to local voter information

  • Features

    Get easy and fast access to relevant information - make your vote count!

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    Where, when, what to vote

    Find the info that you need to participate in one screen

    Enter your address and you will get the key information to vote in one screen, date, time, polling location and the key choices in the ballot. Is that easy!

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    Learn about your choices

    Get information about the referendums and the candidates, connect with them

    Connect with the candidates thru social media, read more about referendums. Being informed is key to make sound decisions when going to the polls

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    Get more information

    Connect with your local election officials to learn more about the process

    Do you know how to register to vote? you may find information in the local info section of Voter Info. Here you can find info from your local election officials & organizations

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    Participation is the foundation of Democracy!

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  • About Voter Info information

    Always check with your local election officials to get the latest election data in your locality

    No elections in my area? but I know there is an election happening

    The data from the VIP project, by The Pew Charitable Trusts and Google, is limited, particularly for local elections and referendums. If Voter Info doesn't find an election in your community it doesn't mean that there are no elections happening. Please check back 2-3 weeks before the election and/or contact your local authorities to learn more